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Board of Directors


The Slope Electric Cooperative Board consists of eight member elected directors. Directors are elected at the annual meeting each June to serve three-year terms and meet once a month.

Lauren Klewin - President Steve Wegner - Vice President Anthony Larson - Secretary Jerome Caron - Treasurer
Lauren Klewin

Amidon, ND
Slope County
Elected 1997
Steve Wegner
Vice President

Reeder, ND
Adams County
Elected 2005
Anthony Larson

Hettinger, ND
Adams County
Elected 2010
Jerome D. Caron

Scranton, ND
Bowman County
Elected 1989
John Lee Njos Barbi Narum Angela Carlson Henry "Twig" Zahn III
John Lee Njos
Rhame, ND
Bowman County
Elected 1995

Barbi Narum
Bowman, ND
Slope County
Elected 2015

Angela Carlson
Regent, ND
Hettinger County
Elected 2016
Henry "Twig" Zahn
New England, ND
Hettinger County
Elected 2017


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